Ginger Bruner, a Las Vegas native, credits her BA in Tuba performance as the reason for her many varied careers. Professionally, Ginger is a talented photographer in fine art, commercial art and graphics. While studying music at UNLV, she took a small “vacation” to study art and is just a few credits shy of an art degree. She is also a writer, radio and music producer and engineer, and a musician with several popular bands, most notably, Killian’s Angels and the Meshuginah Klezmorim. After 20+ years (she claims she started when she was nine), many recognize her as the “Voice of Public Radio”. In August of 2006 she was inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Ginger’s hobbies include reading, golf, tennis and sleep (attributed to all those years on public radio…) She is also known to clown if the conditions are right and is the only rock-and-roll tubist who can juggle fruit and make balloon figures.

Along with showing in galleries, Ginger is Lead Photographer | Associate Producer  for “Our Las Vegas”. Check out more of her work at http://ourlasvegas.wordpress.com   and  https://ourlasvegas.wordpress.com/the-daily-frame/

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